Corporate Social Responsibility

A Responsible Partner for a Sustainable Future


According to a commercial integrated policy based on the respect of the environment and the local communities, in complete transparency to our stakeholders, we operate in an ethical and responsible manner for a future of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Thanks to the implementation of environmental-friendly and responsible procedures, that comes over the current regulation, we have chosen to create a network of responsibility involving the whole supply chain: human resources, commercial partnerships, natural resources and local communities.

Every day we are involved in the realization of new procedures aimed at the improvement of the world we live it


Education and ongoing training of human resources

In order to maintain our staff constantly updated and informed, we realize procedures aimed at work health and safety. Creating a values sharing system to all the corporate levels, this encourage a socially-responsible behaviour, aimed at the direct involvement of all the organisation members.


Development of a sustainable transport service through:

  • the optimization of transport planning processes and routes’ schedule, considering fuel consumptions and emissions to avoid wasted journeys and consequent pollution;
  • internal software for the management of the fuel consumptions, in order to analyse, monitor and adopt the best suitable corrections considering usage, costs and characteristics;
  • use of Adblue additive to reduce the emissions of polluting vehicles;
  • realize training and increase employees and on-board staff’s awareness for a safe and Eco-drive.

Monitoring of polluting emissions 

We are constantly committed to reducing the environmental impact of our fleet, investing in the acquisition of Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles.

Relying on certified partners as authorized garages for the maintenance of the trucks, we focus our attention on the importance of CSR in all the corporate processes.

Respect of the environment

Thanks to the conscious garbage disposal and an adequate recycling organisation inside our offices. Every year, this process reduces and permits the correct dispose of the waste of paper, plastic and glass, aimed to safeguard the ecosystem.

Thanks to our Quality Management System we are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for road freight transport and temperature controlled road transport service, storage, transport and handling of technical materials from and to radio/TV stations.


Donations and charitable projects

GSI Transport & Service is always active in supporting the local community and the environment. Here below you can view some of our projects’ picture.