Our Team


GSI Transport & Service is a cutting-edge company specialized in road freight and logistics sector. Composed of professional staff we take care of all our customer needs.

Our teamwork collaborate to research innovative solutions in a perspective of continuous improvement, both personally and professionally.

One of our distinctive characteristics is the low employee turnover, which allows us to have an expert team with a consolidated experience in our company.


Each person is directly hired from us: everyone in GSI is an important element for the collective growth and the pursue of important goals.


That’s reason why we invest every day in training and safety: the development of competences is fundamental to give an added value to our company and also to make our services qualitatively more efficient.


It doesn’t matter from where our employees come from, their age or sex: passion, ambition and determination are the most important features for the ones who wants to work in GSI Transport & Service.

We choose people who are reliable, resourceful and polite, who love starting their day with a smile and ending with a pat on the back.

Every day is The right day to give value around you.




If you think you have those characteristics, send your resume to info@gsitrasporti.com and you will be inserted in our database for future hiring.