Groupage: quality and convenience


The groupage or LTL (less-than-truckload) service is the best solution for a secure and convenient shipment, all around Italy and abroad.

Developed to be a flexible and budget-friendly service, it gives the opportunity to transport on predefined routes, different quantities of your goods together with others. Many times when companies don’t have large quantities to deliver, a FTL (full-truck-load) service could be an unaffordable option.

Groupage is the perfect choice for an effective and convenient transport service


It consists in the collection of single or multiple batches from different customers, which have the same geographical destination area.


Afterwards, all the goods are gather together to be shipped in one single loading unit.


LTL transportation is specially designed to facilitate the carriage of small shipments without intermediate reloading. Avoiding the loading and unloading operations with different carriers and vehicles, this service guarantees safety and integrity.


Thanks to groupage service the customer can purchase single batches or space inside the truck, optimizing business and saving shipping costs.

Groupage service offers further benefits:

  • Reduction of packaging costs
  • Lowering the loading/unloading costs, cargo movements and goods handling
  • Cutting the incidence of shipping cost
  • Ensuring an optimal transport execution
  • The goods arrive directly at the destination point without carriers change.


Thanks to our road freight planning and our expert staff, the customer can track at any time the status of the shipment. This allows our client to check and verify the delivery times.