Industrial machinery transport and heavy material handling

Industrial machinery transport and heavy material handling


Industrial machinery transport is a top-quality service tailored for companies that need to carry out heavy and voluminous equipment.  It requires specific competences to provide an accurate heavy material handling in total safety.



Thanks to our crane trucks and our high-qualified staff, we are able to perform goods handling in total autonomy both inside the establishments and in difficult-to-reach areas.


Our service is based on accurate cargo-handling and positioning controls in order to protect goods at any time.



We realize an accurate analysis before the beginning of the transportation in relation to the type of goods.


This allow us to define the most suitable vehicles for the best transport and handling material performace.


One of our supervisor can examine and view the equipment or machinery to evaluate the operations of cargo-handling and placement inside the truck.



Our staff is at your disposal for checking up the unloading point, estimating the land and ground conditions and the eventual issues of the area. This  will be favourable to reduce the loading/unloading times and to operate in total safety. 


Our modern electronical devices give to our customer the opportunity to have photos and time-lapse videos about goods handling operations and ensure an efficient and high-quality service.

We offer extra all-risks insurance policies defined on the value and the type of machinery in order to protect the integrity of the goods.