Road Freight

Road Freight


Our road freight service is suitable for every goods transportation in Italy, Switzerland and Europe.

Our modern fleet is entirely constituted by property vehicles: this let us offer a wide range of specialised transports such as FLT (full truck load) and groupage carriage, for express and flexible deliveries or goods collection.


Daily Planning


Our road freight route planning is based on processes aimed to transportation optimization and customer cost minimization. Our daily schedule is promptly transmitted to the customer to be informed in every moment about the position of the vehicle and the status of shipping.


Inside the truck, goods and can be stored on pallets or stocked as unpackaged bulk.

Modern Vehicles Fleet

Professional drivers and specific equipment are our perfect mix for a high quality road freight and cargo service that allows us to deliver any type of goods, protecting their safety and integrity. 

Our cargo service includes:

  • Tautliner transports (33plts + 33 plts in d.d.)

  • Truck Trailer shipping (38 plts + 38 plts in d.d.)

  • Temperature controlled freight (+20°C/-20°C) by refrigeration truck

  • Crane truck transport and moving activity for heavy material and machinery

  • Truck, Semitrailer, Lorry deliveries (8plts, 19 plts+19plts in double deck, 23plts+23 plts d.d.)

All of our operations are carried out in complete autonomy, also by using electric pallet truck and forklift truck. 


Tail Lift and Double Deck 


All of our vehicles have tail lift and double deck equipment: these facilitate the loading and unloading processes giving the opportunity to transport more goods with the same truck (h 120), avoiding the contact between the upper pallets with the lower one.


Our professional staff ensure the correct goods placement inside the vehicle, for a shipping in total safety.


We always look for the best solution to satisfy any kind of request

GSI organization is exclusively composed of our employees, a specialized and multilingual team able to manage a wide range of services. Everyday we ensure an external staff training, provided by independent partners. 

Our modern warehouses located in Ravenna and Piacenza give the opportunity to store your goods in safe and well-designed areas. You can benefit from additional services such as materials handling, loading/unloading operations, qualitative and quantitative controls, sorting, picking, that allow you to benefit of a complete stock management and cost-reducing advantages.

Furthermore, you can stipulate all-risks insurance policies customised on the type and materials’ value. Our cargo service is characterized by dedicated assistance, so you track shipment status at any time. With promptly communication and constant checks, we always guarantee a high quality service.


All the time our professional team take care of your goods: from collection to storage, you have always the guarantee that your materials are in good hands.