Temperature Controlled Road Freight

Temperature Controlled Road Freight


GSI temperature controlled road freight guarantees the maintenance of the cold chain of your products in all the stages, thanks to our  temperature controlled trailers.

Our refrigerator truck provide a fully temperature controlled delivery service, keeping goods at a precise temperature from -20°C to +20°C. 
During the shipment, the temperature is constantly monitored by an automatic on-board system: it provides a specific audit that spring an alarm notification in case of anomaly. All the data recorded could be exported in printed and electronic formats.

The best road freight for your perishable goods

Temperature controlled road freight is the best solution for perishable goods, food, medicines, flowers and other products that need to be maintained at an adequate temperature for an effective, secure and accurate shipment. 


If you need to storage perishable goods, we also offer rental service of refrigerated containers that can be connected to the power grid in order to maintain the temperature’s range.


Safety and Quality

In accordance with the current security arrangements and the HACCP system for food and hygiene safety, each one of our trucks and trailers are periodically monitored. 
The load compartments of the vehicles are subjected to periodic maintenance and cleaning, in order to protect foodstuffs from contamination. Also, they are accurately designed to allow an adequate disinfection.



GSI Transport & Service has established an internal training staff procedure to maintain the highest quality and security in temperature controlled road freight. Our policy guarantees that workers have been trained in the best way, in accordance with current hygienical regulations and about the risks of contamination.

Temperature Controlled Road Freight ensures the optimal goods preservation and safeguards the organoleptic characteristics of the products.