Company Storage

Warehouse and goods storage for your company


Our warehouse located in Ravenna and Piacenza is suitable for any kind of storage and material handling offering to our customer a safe place for the custody of the goods.

Experience and specific equipment allows us to offer a tailored service customized for every need, guaranteeing the loading/unloading operations and the stock management, carried out in total autonomy and safety.

Furthermore you can also choose our road freight transport service in order to have your materials available to your company at any time.

Our warehouse space is equipped with pallet racking to stock all kinds of bulk materials, unpackaged goods or pallet storage.


Thanks to our modern security systems we always ensure a perfect safekeeping for your goods.


Using forklift truck and electric pallet truck, our staff will handle all the loading and unloading operations, from the collection to the sorting, in order to guarantee the best storage solution. All the operations are carried out in total autonomy, always ensuring a reliable and high-quality service.

Do you run a company, a hotel or an enterprise?

Choose to keep your goods or equipment in our warehouse: specificy the type of goods, their dimensions and weight and the period you need to store. Once we received your request, we will promptly process it in order to contact you as soon as possible. 

What kind of goods is it possible to store?

All kinds of goods, materials or equipment excluding perishable goods and foodstuffs. As indicated in national and international regulations, it is forbidden to store dangerous (and flammable) goods, animals and cattle, money, coins, valuables, works of art, weapons, munitions, dangerous objects and all types of goods which are not suitable to be stored.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the size and weight of the goods, on the duration of the storage and/or the necessity of using specific equipment such as forklift truck.


Contact us and we will find together the best solution for your warehouse storage.