Refrigerated Swap Body

Refrigerated Swap Body: keep perishable goods in optimal conditions


Our refrigerated swap body is the ideal solution to transport and keep food and perishable goods at an adequate temperature, starting from -20°C. Build with non-toxic materials in according to the current regulations for A.T.P (Accord Transport Perissable) homologation, it guarantees the perfect isothermal conservation of goods.

This allows to maintain the temperature’s range, in order to keep perishable goods and foods in optimal conditions.

With swap body you can always keep at an adequate temperature milk, meats, fruit and vegetables, frozen food, medicines, flowers and other products avoiding temperature leaps and cold chain breaks.

Refrigerated swap bodies are a perfect solution also for restaurant owners and retailers for the organization of events, refreshments and parties.


Optimal goods conservation

Refrigerated swap body is the best solution for who seeks an efficient and safe and mobile space for the goods conservation at a controlled temperature.


This exchangeable container can be transported at the loading point and positioned on the ground in total autonomy. In fact thanks to its specific supports, it is possible to change or “swap” their body from one carriage to another, or to leave the swap body at a destination, without using extra equipment such as a crane or hoist. The container can also be unfastened and connected to the power grid in order to maintain the temperature’s range. 

Controls and Monitoring

Refrigerated system’s data are recorded into its inner software and could be exported and printed, in order to constantly monitor the temperature and the products’ conservation. All of our refrigerated swap bodies are monitored with daily controls according to an internal staff procedure for the correct sanitary process.

These are periodically inspected through:

  • Monthly scheduled controls

  • Mileage’s controls of the vehicle

  • Hourly controls of the correct function of the refrigerating system


The inspections are exclusively performed from authorized workshop, which issue a certificate of suitability according to health and safety norms and H.A.C.C.P code.

GSI refrigerated swap body ensure the preservation of the goods in perfect conditions in terms of quality and security, so as to maintain unaltered the organoleptic characteristics of the product.