Double deck equipment

Increase the efficiency of your road freight with the double deck equipment


The double deck is an extra equipment for trucks and trailers recommended to load a higher number of pallets that can be overlapped, avoiding the contact between the upper pallet with the lower one.



In road freight this equipment is an efficient and suitable solution to transport more goods (maximum height 120cm) by double the capacity of the vehicle and optimizing the space inside the truck.



The second deck allows us to transport different kind of pallets or materials, even if they have different heights or lengths.



In case of voluminous loads, fragile and delicate materials, series of pallets of the same size, the double deck’s equipment is the best solution to overlap pallets avoiding goods’ damage and guaranteeing the safety of the transport.


This is also ideal for the groupage or LTL service: the customer who need to deliver just some batches, could benefit from the efficiency of a reliable and secure service together with the convenience of the combined transport.


Thanks to our fleet which includes tautliners, refrigerated trailers, crane trucks, semi-trailers and road trains, we can double the capacity of each vehicle by using the double deck.
For example, with the road train trailer which normally transports 38 euro pallets, we can deliver ‘til 76 pallets (h. 120m) with the double deck equipment. This system is the best option to make the vehicle more productive and to reduce polluting emissions. 

Furthermore, the use of tail lift makes the goods’ handling easier, so as to accelerate the loading/unloading times. 


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