Earthquake in Central Italy

GSI: a concrete aid to those who have lost everything


10th September 2016


Following the terrible earthquake of the 24th August 2016, in which thousands of people lost everything, hundreds of volunteers from all over Italy have immediately begun to offer their aid and support to the victims.

Everybody have given the maximum support to the victims, donating with an SMS to the number 45500 and collecting as many essential goods as possible, in order to be assigned to the evacuees in the camps set up in the affected area.



In agreement with the Civil Protection of the Emilia-Romagna, GSI Transport & Service wanted to give a concrete aid to the victims of the quake: from the 1st of September 2016, we have made available a 4x4 forklift truck of the payload of 2,5 ton for materials and equipment handling in Montegallo (AP). 


One of our employee transported it with a tilt-trailer: staying some days at the camp, he helped people in handling operations, giving instructions to the volunteers about the correct use and the safety of the forklift truck.



Thanks to the direct contact with the supervisors of the Civil Protection, the forklift truck is constantly used by the volunteers also for the dismantling and transfer of the makeshift camp to prepare and arrange new facilities suitable for the winter.


Moreover, thanks to the collection of essential goods from the community of Tagliata di Cervia (RA), we have helped and contributed to the transfer of goods to collection centre of the Province of Ravenna in order to be distributed to the victims of the earthquake.